Palliative Care Handbook

The aim of this resource is to make palliative care understandable for healthcare professionals, using clear logical layout and understandable explanations of how to manage and cope with problems that can be very challenging. It includes sections on dementia, nutrition and prescribing. The Handbook is useful in any place where palliative care happens – it gives confidence to those who use and it and therefore hopefully comfort to the people approaching the end of their lives.

To download a soft copy of the Palliative Care Handbook (9th Edition), please click here. 

Please remember to save your downloaded copy for easy ongoing access.

Please note – to go directly from the table of contents to the section you wish to find, simply click on the chapter heading and it will take you straight there.

You can also download specific chapters here:

1. Central Nervous System
2. Pain
3. Gastrointestinal System
4. Respiratory System
5. Skin
6. Systemic effects of terminal diseases
7. Palliative care emergencies
8. Miscellaneous
9. Psychosocial_spirituality
10. Useful resources
11. Further reading

Section 2 – Pharmacopoeia

To enquire on the availability of a hard copy of this resource, please email your local hospice or contact Hospice NZ.

We would like to thank our long term supporters Dilmah NZ & the MJF Charitable Foundation for their financial contribution towards this resource.

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