Te Rōpū Taki Māori

Te Rōpū Taki Māori (HNZ) provides support and advice to Hospice NZ and the HNZ Board on tikanga me kawa (procedures and protocols) and ensuring the values and preferences of Māori are reflected in Hospice NZ projects and initiatives.  Hospice New Zealand appoints members in consultation with Ngā Kaimahi Hospice.

Currently we have 6 Group members that represent:

  • Kaumātua
  • Knowledge and experience in different areas of the hospice workforce
  • Knowledge and experience in hospice
  • Knowledge on current research/evidence
  • Knowledge of governance structures and protocols

Group members

Ria Earp (Chair)

Ko Tongoriro te maunga

Ko Te Arawa te waka

Ko Ngāti Whakaue, Ngāti Pikiao nga iwi, nga hapū hoki

Ko Te Kaituna te awa

Ko Whakaūe te marae

Ria Earp is the Chair of Te Rōpū Taki Māori and recently accepted a part-time role as ‘Advisor, Māori Services’ at Hospice New Zealand.

Ria left Mary Potter Hospice late last year, where she had been the Chief Executive for eleven years.

Prior to taking up the role in Mary Potter Hospice, she was the Deputy Director General, Māori Health for the Ministry of Health for nine years.

Ria has a deep interest in Māori community development and health services. She has a BA (Anthropology), MA (Applied in Social Work) and MBA from Victoria University.

Dennis Emery

Ko Ruahine te pae maunga

Ko Oroua te awa

Ko Ngāti Kauwhata te iwi

Ko Tainui te Waka

Ko Dennis Emery tōku ingoa!

Dennis Emery has Ngāti Kauwhata and Ngāti Maniapoto tribal descent. He was born in Fielding and has four daughters and three mokopuna.  Dennis is employed as a Kaitakawaenga (Māori Liaison) at Arohanui Hospice. He has held this part time role since 2014.  His role includes: supporting staff and volunteers with culturally appropriate care, delivering cultural education, strategic planning input and contributing to the Excellence Framework of Arohanui Hospice.

Dennis has a trade union background, a long-term involvement in Iwi development  (with environmental, education, cultural, health issues and social networks) in the Horowhenua, Manawatu and Rangitikei regions.  He has been a founding member of Te Rōpū Taki Māori. He is also a MidCentral District Health Board member, a Director of Tihi Whānau Ora Alliance in Palmerston North, Trustee to Whaioro Mental Health Trust and Chairman of Ngā Kaitiaki O Ngāti Kauwhata Inc in Feilding.

Pare Corkran

Ko Makeo tōku maunga

Ko Waiaua tōku ku awa

Ko Mataatua tōku waka

Ko Te Whakatohea tōku iwi

Ko Ngāti Rua tōku Hapū

Ko Omarumutu tōku marae

No reira ko Pare āhau.

Pare Corkran is a registered nurse, originally training as a general nurse before completing psychiatric training and worked in mental health and forensic nursing for many years in Wanganui.  Pare changed her focus to Palliative Nursing in 1997 at Arohanui Hospice and completed her post grad papers in palliative care specific to Māori, gaining her masters in 2007. Pare’s passion has always been Māori and their fit into a palliative care. Palliative care has given Pare many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those who are dying.  Pare currently works as the Clinical Service Manager at Eastern BOP Hospice in Whakatane and has been there for nearly 2 years. Pare has been a member of Te Ropu Taki Maori since 2015.

Pare’s other passion is her whānau. She has two children and four mokopuna.

Linda Olsen

Ko te taha ō tōku matua

Ko Te Arawa te waka

Ko Matawhaura te maunga

Ko Waitahanui te awa

Ko Te Arawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Whakaūe, Ngāti Makino, nga hapū

Ko Pukehina me Otamarakau ngā marae

Ko te taha ō tōku whaea

Ko Aotea te waka

Ko Taranaki te maunga

Ko Nga Ruahine te iwi

Ko Ngāti Tu te hapū

Ko Kapuni te awa

Ko Waiokura te marae

Ko Linda Olsen taku ingoa

Linda’s background comes from working within her community in health and social services for the past 45 years. Linda works with a diverse range of families and has worked at Te Omanga Hospice for over 8 years. Linda works predominantly with Maori families. Her lived experience informs her work within palliative care. Linda draws upon her own Maori heritage to share knowledge and experiences in Maoridom, with the help and support of iwi, hapū, whanau.

Linda is employed as a Māori Liaison Worker at Te Omanga Hospice. The purpose of the role is to support whānau to understand the Hospice approach to palliative care, the environment, and provide information to whānau and their loved one who has a life limiting condition. It also involves educating and supporting Te Omanga staff to work from a culturally responsive approach. Linda has been a member of Te Rōpū Taki Māori since 2015.

Tyrone Raumati

Ko Tokatoka te Maunga

Ko Kaipara te Moana

Ko Mahuhu ki te Rangi te Waka

Ko Te Uri o Hau te Hapū

Ko Ngāti Whātua te Iwi

Well-known exponent of Te reo and tikanga Māori, Tyrone Raumatiis Pou Arahi at Hospice North Shore, Auckland and is a new addition to Te Rōpū Taki Māori.

Tyrone has been a part of the Hospice North Shore whānau for over 3 years now, and holds several appointments outside of this role, including being an Elected Board Member of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua (iwi tribal authority), Chairperson of Oruawharo Marae and Advisor to Auckland Māori Rugby (ARU).  For more than a decade Tyrone worked in the education sector supporting rangatahi and moved on to work in the funeral industry, before coming to Hospice North Shore in 2015.

The well- being of whānau, hāpori, hapū and iwi has always been a core focus of his and it is by him putting people first, that he has experienced his greatest triumphs personally and professionally.

Tina Parata

Tina has both English and Māori heritage.  Her iwi affiliations include; Te Ati Awa, Ngati Toa Rangatira, Raukawa, Muaupoko and Ngai Tahu.  Tina describes herself as a ‘baby boomer’, supporting both her parents and her four sons as they navigate their changing worlds. Her sons are the reason and purpose for the choices she makes and everything she does.

Tina has a 38 year background in public health. For the last 12 years she has worked in palliative care supporting Māori patients and their whanau. Her work also involves education sessions for hospice staff and care provider organisations across Aotearoa, raising cultural awareness and increased understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and facilitating engagement with local whānau, hapū and iwi

Tina, who is passionate about improving health outcomes for Māori, worked for North Shore Hospice as Kaiawhina/Kaitakawaenga for a decade and is currently the Kai Whakamaru at Waipuna Hospice.

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