Supporting sustainability is required at every level – global, national, local and individual and across every sector from public to private, government and not-for-profit. We know that we, as Te Kahui Pairuri o Aotearoa – Hospice New Zealand, have a role to play and we need to start now.

To set off on our sustainability journey, we took an inside-out approach by looking at the “Impact” we can make individually and as a collective at Hospice New Zealand – a small charity supporting 32 independent hospice charities.

We are doing this to set us on a course of positive action aligned with our purpose, size and within the context of our NGO and sector.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our role is to assess the context of our operations and reach and determine which areas of sustainability we can make an impact.

Actions we have taken so far in 2022-2023:

  • Conference: We gave the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a platform at our Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference in November 2022. We invited Beed and Proceed to weave creativity and inspire action towards the goals. Bridget from Bead and Proceed delivered a key-note on the SDGs to the 300+ attendees, which provided context and understanding of the framework. Most importantly, she illustrated different ways to report on the goals and targets.
  • SDG Alignment: We carried out 4 workshops as a team to identify which SDGs align to Hospice New Zealand’s operations and where we think we will be able to have the biggest impact now and into the future. We identified 6 SDGs (above) and captured the actions we have taken so far, where we want to be in 3 years’ time and the actions we can take to get there.
  • Impact Framework: We developed a new IMPACT Framework which captures both ‘What we do’ and ‘How we deliver’. Using the Framework, we can now capture the actions that we (both as individuals and as a collective at Hospice New Zealand) agree to take to make an impact against the targets of the SDGs.
  • Sustainability Lead: We have a Sustainability Lead within our team who will help us keep sustainability top of mind moving forward.
  • Carbon footprint: We have downsized to a smaller office, a first step in our efforts to reduce our footprint.
  • Sustainable Business Network: We have joined the Sustainable Business Network, a national movement, redesigning the way we work, to accelerate the transition to an equitable, low carbon, regenerative circular economy.
  • Strategic Plan & workplan: We have integrated the SDGs into our new strategic plan and our annual workplan, which will ensure we remain focused and on track.

This is only the beginning. Our focus on sustainability will continue to develop. Watch this space!

Attendees at the 2022 Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference painted a bead in the colour of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) they feel called to action. While painting, they were asked to think about how they action (or could action) their chosen SDG. All beads were then woven into this stunning beaded mural

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