Wherever you need us to be, we are.

Hospice is a holistic wrap around service of care.  It’s not just a building and its not just doctors and nurses.

Hospice is a philosophy of care.  We appreciate that everyone is an individual with their own wants and needs, what matters to them matters to us and through the holistic nature of care, we explore all aspects of a person – their physical, their emotional, their social and their spiritual.

It is about living every moment – right to the end, well

As Clinical Services Manager, Lea says from Nelson Tasman Hospice;

“Hospice cares for people in any place you call home.  We are in the community, in people’s homes, in the park, or in our purpose – built facilities.  It’s wherever we need to be we are.”

Anyone with a life limiting illness, can access hospice care and support. People with life limiting conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lung failure, cancer, motor neurone disease, or dementia can benefit from palliative care.

Whilst hospice care is primarily focused on the person who is dying, services are also for the family and whānau both before and after their loved one has died.

Everything we provide is free of charge. As an essential health service the majority of funding comes from Government, the remainder comes from community fundraising. In 2022 hospices needed to raise over  $94 million nationally.

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It's OK.

Hospice patients and people whose loved ones were cared for by hospice, share their emotional experiences in the hope that others will be ok about opening up and reaching out to Hospice for help.

Everybody needs understanding and care. It’s these things that allow us to thrive when we are well, and get through when we are struggling.  And we need these most when we are dying. At the end of our lives, when time is precious, hospice exists to ensure we do.  Understanding the care, the value, the comfort that Hospice provides – is why stories are so important.

Watch Latoya’s story below, or click here to watch more stories.

COVID- 19 information 

With overall COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalisations trending downwards, along with a highly vaccinated population and increased access to antiviral medicines, the last remaining mandatory COVID-19 requirements have been removed.

It is no longer mandatory to isolate or wear a face mask when visiting healthcare facilities. Some facilities may still ask you to wear a face mask. We ask you to respect their policies to protect those at higher risk.  Please click here to find your local service.

For more information on the current alert level and what this means please visit the dedicated COVID-19 website

Make a donation

All hospice services and support are provided free of charge.  As an essential health service, the majority of hospice funding comes from Central Government, but each year just over $77M needs to be raised nationally to bridge the gap.

Thank you for supporting your local hospice service by making a donation.


Hospices employ over 700 people nationwide through a range of roles within each hospice service.

Here you will find a list of current vacancies – both clinical and administration – listed on behalf of hospices across New Zealand.



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