Syringe Driver Competency

This nationally developed training programme is delivered throughout the country by the local hospice service.

Programme aim

To assist Registered Nurses to obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills they require to manage syringe drivers in their place of practice and for enrolled nurses to be competent in checking.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this syringe driver competency package and workshop participants will be able to:

  • State the rationale for use of a syringe driver in palliative care
  • Educate the patient and family about the use of a syringe driver
  • Explain management and safety principles when caring for patients with these devices
  • Calculate conversions from oral opioids to subcutaneous opioids
  • Identify medications commonly used in syringe drivers in palliative care and the rationale for their use
  • Identify medications that should not be given subcutaneously
  • Identify the equipment required to set up a syringe driver
  • Identify suitable insertion sites for subcutaneous infusions
  • Explain which sites are inappropriate for subcutaneous infusion
  • Set up an infusion using the Niki T34 syringe driver
  • State the observations that need to be made while the syringe driver is in use and their frequency
  • Identify alerts and alarms and state corrective action to be taken
  • Demonstrate the safe use of a syringe driver and show how to stop an infusion

Please contact your local hospice to find out training dates in your area.

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