Accessing Support

Getting referred

A referral is normally made by a person’s own GP or hospital doctor. A district nurse may also make a referral. In most areas people can also contact the hospice directly to discuss what support might be available – please click here to find your nearest hospice service.

People are usually referred to their nearest hospice or palliative care service, but in special circumstances out-of-area referrals may be considered.

When referrals are made

People may be referred for hospice care as soon as a diagnosis is made, not just at the very end of life. Once a person’s palliative care needs have been met, they may be discharged from the service. However, they can be reassessed at any time after this if their condition changes.

Care is provided free of charge

Everything hospice provides to patients, family and whanau is provided free of charge.

As an essential health service provider hospices recieve the majority of their funding from Government; but we do need community support to fundraise the gap between funding and the cost of care. Each year we must raise around $81.5 million nationally through a variety of fundraising activities.

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