Hospice Ambassador

Jo Seagar – Hospice NZ Patron and Ambassador

Jo Seagar photo 2017.jpgJo Seagar has been our volunteer Hospice Ambassador since 1999 when she first became involved with the Night to Remember national fundraising dinner.

Jo continues in her role as Ambassador and Patron of Hospice NZ today – doing a fabulous job attending hospice events, speaking to community groups about her role and the work of hospice and generally using any opportunity to educate and encourage support for hospice.

It is estimated that Jo does in excess of 25-30 hospice related commitments every year – approximately one a fortnight, a high level of commitment for this busy woman.

Her cookbooks provide simple yet innovative and achievable food for family and friends to share together.

You can read more about Jo and her wonderful tasty cooking and incredible international adventures on her website. 

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