Share our life stories.

Every day hospice staff and volunteers help people to complete the final chapter of their lives.  Now we are bringing their stories to life.

Hospice staff and volunteers share their own stories in a heartwarming and insightful video series. A story’s end may be sad, but it can also be peaceful and beautiful.

Watch the videos below so you can understand a little more of the breadth and value of hospice care.

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Meet Music Therapist, Keryn.

Keryn shares her story and the power of music to transcend.

“I see people just transform.  They noticeably look lighter and start smiling. And, they may have been anxious or in pain and the music takes them somewhere else,” says Keryn.

Meet Fundraiser and Volunteer, Simon.

Simon inspires everyone with his energy to get involved and support hospice.

“When your life takes that concerning road and your health is in jeopardy, you’ve got to reach out and hospice is there and that’s where you’ll see the real true worth of hospice.”

Meet Biographer, Ann.

Ann shares her story on being a biographer for hospice and the joy that writing a biography can give back to a patient.

“The most important thing is having a good death.  There’s laughter, there’s sadness, but its them, speaking from their heart about the things that have touched them in their life.”

Meet Clinical Services Manager, Lea.

Lea shares her story on how hospice is more than a building, providing wrap-around care to patients and whanau – wherever they need it.

“Just as we prepare for a good birth, hospice helps people prepare for a good death.”

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Everybody needs understanding and care. It’s these things that allow us to thrive when we are well, and get through when we are struggling.  And we need these most when we are dying. At the end of our lives, when time is precious, hospice exists to ensure we do.  Understanding the care, the value, the comfort that Hospice provides – is why Hospice Awareness Week is so important.

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