Talk to your MP/ Election candidate

Here are some useful considerations when talking to your MP/ election candidate

Be clear

Tell them you want to discuss the need for fairer funding for hospice and palliative care so everyone in New Zealand has access to quality care wherever they live and wherever they die.

Make the request via phone or email

Information on contacting and addressing current politicians in Aotearoa New Zealand can be found on the NZ Parliament website.

When you visit

  • Respect their time – they are busy!
  • Give them no more than three essential messages, e.g.

Our society is ageing. It is predicted the number of people needing palliative care will increase by over 50% in the next 20 years.

I am concerned that as an essential health service, hospice has been under-recognised and under-valued by successive governments and now faces an uncertain future through lack of funding.

Nurses in hospices are still being paid considerably less than equally qualified and experienced staff in Te Whatu Ora services. The risk of losing staff to hospitals for better pay means hospice services may be cut.

  • Ask them for their views on hospice and palliative care and the need for more investment.
  • Thank them.

 After the meeting

Write a thank you note/email and include any links you think will be useful.



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