Once again from 14 November to Christmas eve all Farmers stores throughout the country will be raising funds for their local hospice.

In five years, Farmers with the people of Aotearoa have raised $3.4 million dollars for hospice, with 100% of everything donated in each community going to the local hospice service.

There are two ways for people to support their local hospice when shopping in Farmers:

Tree of Remembrance:

Christmas is generally the time of year when we think of people who won’t be with us during the festive season – they may have died, they may be living overseas or in other parts of the country, or perhaps just can’t be with you at this time of year.

From 14 November until Christmas Eve everyone who makes a donation to hospice whilst shopping in Farmers will receive a remembrance card.  This card is an opportunity to write a special message for someone you’ll be thinking about this Christmas.  Each Farmers has a dedicated Tree of Remembrance in store to display your message for friends and family and the community to see.

The Tree of Remembrance is a way to honour those we think of and support hospice.  As with the purchase of the limited edition baubles, 100% of everything donated remains within the community in which it was given, supporting the local hospice service.

Limited edition hand painted hospice bauble. 

This years collectable bauble has been designed by contemporary Maori artist Spencer Bellas.  The ngaru, which is Māori for wave, represents the journey of life, multiple waves moving together as whanau.  Spencer and his whanau were supported by hospice when their uncle was dying in 2017.

Spencer was surprised how the Hospice crew not only made his uncle comfortable but also made the whole family feel at ease, giving them a sense of ownership of the physical space and control over the spiritual experience. Something which for Māori is vitally important.

“The staff moved us into a big room where we could bring our mattresses. They brought in extra bedding so we could all sleep onsite. We bought in all our own Kai and had open access to the kitchen. There were about 30 of us there and nothing was a problem. Family members were able to sing individually and in groups onsite as music had been a big part of my uncles’ life. The staff made themselves scarce unless we needed them so we could tend to ourselves, honour our own traditions and be there for him.”

This appreciation of the Māori values of whānau, connection, spirit and ritual left an amazing impression on his immediate family who were the closest to his uncle. It also had a great impact on the whole whānau.

Spencer encourages everyone to buy a bauble from Farmers and support their local hospice; “Christmas is a time to come together, to eat good food, to laugh, sing, relax and recharge.  It is also a time to reflect on whānau what are no longer with us and celebrate with those who are.”

The handpainted collectable baubles are available online and in every Farmers store nationwide from now until Christmas eve.  They are $10 each and the full purchase price is donated to the local hospice service to ensure hospice services remain free of charge.  Click here to buy now and receive free delivery up to $7 on your order from Farmers.


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