Hospice NZ Workshops 2019 – Feedback

Photo: Quality Network, 2019

Feedback snippets 2019:

“An incredible opportunity to meet others, collaborate on ideas, share lessons learned and form relationships for the year ahead.”

“The networking and sharing of resources is empowering – provides me with great advice and encourages me to seek new and different strategies to be successful in my role.”

“Fantastic meeting colleagues from around New Zealand and hearing their wisdom and experience. Very inspiring.”

“What a rich couple of days filled with wisdom, compassion and openness.”

“It was very useful to learn better ways of working from other Hospices, get new ideas and understand how to do the best job I can. I appreciated the sharing of documents, resources and networking so I have people I can ask for advice in future.”

“It’s a great opportunity to share ideas, initiatives and challenges. People are always extremely willing to share what they do and resources which can save time because it means we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

“I feel very supported and built up as a result of our time together, not to mention loving the company and fun!”

“The support I receive from the networking is without a doubt invaluable – both professionally and personally. To know you are on the right path, to gain further knowledge and ideas for improvement, to help and mentor others is amazing growth.”

“The best meeting I’ve participated in since beginning this role! So a huge thank you to all the presenters, many of whom are you out there! I feel absolutely privileged to have learned from and shared in your expertise and experiences.”

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended – feeling very blessed to be part of such a wonderful, inspiring and fun group.”

“I was able to meet other Hospice team members and discuss in formal and informal settings, concepts, ideas, frustrations. As well as learning how others operate and learning from our own industry to be able to better understand and apply learnings directly to our own Hospice.”

“Very worthwhile. Lots of opportunities to network and see what other people are working on. Everyone is very generous in sharing their work. Great group of people doing fantastic work in our communities.”

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the Hospice NZ workshops this year, and also to Pub Charity for their support.

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