COVID-19 for health professionals


As we navigate our way through the changing health care environment, we’ve developed a range of resources to support any health care professional during this time.  We’ve drawn on the collective knowledge and experience of the palliative care sector to provide practical and clinically reviewed resources.

Our primary source of information that is being updated on a regular basis is New Zealand Ministry of Health.

NZ based sites that have a wide variety and focus of information:

  • The New Zealand Government has established a website to Unite Against COVID-19 
  • Health Quality and Safety Commission have provided some resources around COVID-19 – visit the Talking COVID site
  • Te Ara Whakapiri – Principles and Guidance for Last Days of Life – please click here 
  • Telehealth has a range of specific resources for COVID-19 consultations – please click here 
  • Pharmac has a range of information around accessing medications during this time.

New Zealand specific resources: 

1. Phone consultations – COVID-19 resource – V1 23 March 2020

2. Communications tips for all stages – COVID-19 resources – V1 23 March 2020

3. Goals of Care COVID-19 resource – V1 23 March 2020

4. Giving serious news – COVID-19 resource – V1 23 March 2020

5. Sublingual medication administration – COVID-19 – V1 27 March 2020

6. End of Life Nursing Considerations – COVID-19 patients – V1 – 27 March 2020

7. Palliative Care in a Pandemic – V1 – 27 March 2020

8. Symptom control for COVID-19 patients – V1-27 March 2020

International websites and resources:

Research/published articles of relevance:


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