All New Zealanders deserve to end their life well.

Danielle Van Dalen, Senior researcher at the Maxim Institute

Senior researcher at the Maxim Institute, Danielle van Dalen has spent the last year researching palliative care in New Zealand and it is clear to her that New Zealanders’ accessibility to palliative care services needs urgent attention.

In a column for to coincide with the End of Life Choice Act coming into effect, Danielle writes how, for too many New Zealanders however, good palliative and end of life care is out of reach.

She believes that with the introduction of assisted dying – which in contrast to palliative care, will be fully funded by the Government – it is essential that palliative care services are not forgotten. This means Government providing the necessary funding so that all New Zealanders have the care they need at the end of life.

Without it, New Zealanders will not have a true choice. Read the full column on 

Ending Well

Danielle opinion is based on a full research study she undertook over the past year called, Ending Well The Urgent case for accessible palliative care.

“Palliative care is an important healthcare specialty providing holistic end-of-life care right through the dying process. And with a rapidly ageing population our need for palliative care services is quickly growing.” says Danielle

A recommendation from her paper, to prioritise our palliative care services includes increasing funding so that all end-of-life care is free and universally available nationwide.

“All New Zealand hospitals should have provision for palliative care services, and all hospices – whatever their location or ability to fundraise – should no longer need to worry about the impact of closing op-shops on reaching fundraising goals.”

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