Meet Hospice Nurse Julie

Most people avoid talking about death and dying. But not Julie McFadden, a California hospice nurse who has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram for talking about what happens at the end of life.

Hospice Nurse Julie, as she is known on Tiktok and Instagram, started making videos to share on these platforms to educate her followers about death and dying. She now has around 543,000 followers across the two social media sites.

Julie, has been a nurse in a hospice for five years after working for over a decade as an ICU nurse. In her videos she talks about unexplained phenomena of death, as well as educating her followers on what happens to the body.

“Death is a natural and beautiful part of life.” She explains in one of her videos.

Visit Hospice Nurse Julie’s TikTok page here and her Instagram here.

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