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What is it like to die?

Death seems to have become a difficult topic for a lot of people. Many of us have lost the knowledge about what happens, what to say to each other, and the options we have for care.

We want to support people to talk about it more, in the hope they might worry about it less.

We created the animation below (available via You Tube) as the question most asked of hospice staff is - how do I know I am dying? what will happen to me? How will we know? 

 What is is like to die.jpg


Palliative care specialist Professor Rod McLeod, who co-wrote and narrated the video, said some of the questions most frequently asked to Hospice teams were ‘How will I know I’m dying?’ and ‘What will it be like?’ –  information that everyone had a right to know.

“Although every death is different, dying itself is a physical process and in most cases we tend to know what’s going to happen and can support people through it. It shouldn’t be something to be so very afraid of,” Professor McLeod said.

The video is part of our national campaign #weneedtotalkaboutdying aimed at helping communities to reclaim their familiarity with the end of life by providing information and encouraging people to talk about it more.




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