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What is Hospice?

Please click below to view a short 3 minute video explaining a little of what hospice is about. 


Hospice is not a building; it is a philosophy of care. Our goal is to help people make the most of their lives.

We care for the whole person, not just their physical needs but also their emotional, spiritual, and social needs too. We care for families and friends as well, both before and after a death. Irrespective of where they are, this philosophy of care does not change and everything we provide is free of charge.

We believe that hospice care should be available to anyone who needs it, helping people make the most of every moment, in whatever way works for them.

When support is offered

People may be referred for hospice care even while they are undergoing treatments for their illness, not just at the very end of life - however, usually people are referred at a time when it is acknowledged the illness is incurable.

However, people are living longer with incurable illnesses and in addition to care provided by GP or hospital specialist, hospice staff are able to provide specialist support in other ways e.g. controlling symptoms or providing additional advice and support to family and carers.

Find out more about how referrals are made by contacting the hospice in your area.

Services offered

The services offered will differ from hospice to hospice but are likely to include:

  • medical and nursing care
  • pain and symptom control
  • rehabilitation
  • therapies, including physiotherapy and complementary therapies
  • spiritual support
  • practical and financial advice 
  • bereavement care.
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