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Speaker spotlight - Liese Groot-Alberts

Ahead of Conference 2018 we had a chat with Liese about what we could expect from her keynote address. 

What does the concept of resilience mean to you when thinking about end of life care?Liese.jpg

For me resilience is an adaptive capacity and strength developed in the face of stress, trauma and loss. Finding the skills to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardships, drawing on life experiences and feeling stronger and more capable to cope than before.

Life and loss go together. I am in awe of the multiple and often unexpected ways in which people respond to adversity, creating ways forward, being able to adjust and thrive. It binds us together.

In your experience and area of focus what factors influence a good end of life journey for patients and families?

It is essential to be aware of our own concept of “ a good end of life journey”, in order to have the ability to set aside those concepts, to be present to the other and to truly listen, which means: listening to understand, instead of listening to reply.

It requires an openness in us to remember that a good end of life journey is the one deemed “good” by patients and their communities, supporting them to make decisions that are congruent with their way of life, customs, strengths and inner authority.

Thinking about your presentation: can you give us a high-level summary of what you will be sharing with delegates, what can they expect to hear from your session?

“From difference to diversity”: we are all in this together”

Whakataukī: “He waka eke noa”

a canoe we are all in, with no exception.

I aim to explore the importance of true connection with patients and families/communities. How this enables us to stand beside the other and honour the different ways of life and living, mourning and grieving, Thus creating a space for hope, healing and restoring sound-ness. To be able to work collaboratively alongside our patients/families and their communities we need to pay attention to our own resilience, our own customs and belief systems, to stay awake to what is required of us to approach working with difference in a positive light and welcome diversity.

You may have noticed that our vision is Living Every moment – what does this mean to you? Register now 2018.jpg

It is my big life focus and challenge to stay awake, present and aware in every moment.

To be truly present to myself and to the other instead of being disconnected by living in the past or in the future.

Thinking about the contents of your fridge – what are three things we will always find on the shelves?

Cheese, sambal and a beer

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